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Glue is a topic we could discuss for HOURS!!

There is so much to consider when it comes to eyelash extension adhesive, from buying the right glue, how to use it, how to store it and what causes certain reactions and effects the way you work with it.

Our recent Instagram poll touched base on just a fraction of glue topics… see below for just some of the facts glue.

Which is more important.. Humidity or temperature?


With temperature you have a very small window of 18-22 degrees.

If the temperature goes over 22 degrees… your glue will simply be no good and if the temperature drops below 18 degree your glue will also struggle. 

While if the humidity is too low, then the glue will just take a bit longer to set and if its higher you will need to speed it up and work faster. 

Our glue that we have coming in soon (exciting) works between 30-70% humidity. But like all glue, the small window for temperature is just 18-22 degrees!!


Putting fresh glue near old glue will effect your retention


If your old glue is near your new glue the polymerisation process will effect the new adhesive and will speed up the polymerisation of the new adhesive. This is particularly relevant if you have old polymerised glue on the tip of your glue bottles, which will effect your new drop of glue. To prevent this, make sure you use new glue nozzles or they are kept clean. 

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All glues are the same and marketing is the only difference


While marketing can sometimes be misleading, glue can have different grades… there is cosmetic and medical, then there are different acrylates and manufactures that use different levels. Some are better quality, more pure, while others have more additives or more dilution. So it CAN be marketing, but if you go for a reputable company who really care about the adhesive they’re using, then they will most likely be going for a high quality adhesive.


Want to know more about glue and other topics that effect retention? 

Join Lash Vision founder Kimberley Haworth in our upcoming Webinar that takes you though troubleshooting all your summer retention issues!

Cost: $99
Date: November 30th @ 12pm (AEST)

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