#21 Surviving lock down

#21 Surviving lockdown

What a strange time we all face. A lot of us are in back in lockdown (here in Melbourne this is our 6th) with no sight of it ending anytime soon. It’s a challenging time both mentally and financially for so many. There is a lot of anger, frustration and many who are at breaking point. 

Looking back to our first lockdown it was a completely different experience. The unknown seemed scary, we didn’t know what to expect and we went into the first lock-down with hope that we would do that hard work and it would be over and back to freedom in no time… (well, that’s what i thought)… Boy was I wrong! 

Second time around was again a different feeling, we had been there, done this and made it through. We knew what to expect and wouldn’t be as tough on ourselves. 

Third and fourth lockdowns are a blur… Days just blended into the next. I remember being well and truely over EVERYTHING. Motivation was at an all time low, lots of people were struggling, then there were others posting about their lockdown goals and achievements. It was not a time to compare and some of us just needed to get through the day. Working from home had its challenges with the constant interruptions, especially when you throw home-schooling in the mix… well thats a whole other story! 

The fifth lockdown came with lots of anger! By this stage we just didn’t want to… I don’t even know how to put it, do lockdown, do home-schooling, do life?! This is no way to live!! But what could we do?! Luckily it only lasted a short while until we are thrown into our sixth lockdown with no end in sight… (here we are wanting to scream at the top of our lunges – some of us probably did)!!!! 

So what can we do? We can be kind to ourselves and others.


Here’s a list of what I am trying to do to get through it;

  • Stick to some kind of routine, even the small things like getting up at the same time and getting dressed in the morning can be a goal / achievement when you’re feeling low
  • Going for walks and getting some fresh air – it really does wonders!
  • Call a friend or family member to check in and keep in contact
  • Be flexible. If you have a partner or kids while you’re trying to work from home, your routine will most likely be disturbed. If it gets too much, step away and come back to what you were doing. Flexibility here is key.

If you are stuck at home and unable to work here are a few suggestions;

  • Think about offering your clients an at home care pack. Here are some great examples;
    1. Retail items are a great way to make money! Think affordable items or gift hampers. They could be items to pamper you clients, or for them to send a gift to someone who is in need of some self care and love. 
    2. While your clients aren’t wearing lashes, you could suggest using nourishing products such as Elleeplex & Elleevate, these help to nourish and strengthen their lashes. These items have been so popular during lock-down and available at a wholesale price to Lash Vision account holders! To view wholesale prices create your account here
  • Keep up your social media account. It doesn’t always have to be about lash applications. Here are some suggestions;
    1. Let your clients know what they can do to keep their eyelashes in good condition during lock-down.
    2. Posts of self-care and love to keep your clients engaged.
    3. POLLS POLLS POLLS!!! We find polls works exceptionally well. Ask your clients questions like ‘what are you doing to keep busy during lockdown’, ‘have you set any goals’ or even ask if anyone is struggling and what they’ve done (if anything) to help get them through this.
    4. You can also show them what your day looks like, it might be great, or it might be completely boring, or it could be children screaming while you’re on the phone… Someone can always relate and that’s where your audience will engage. 
    5. And last but not least. REELS!!! Reels are going crazy at the moment and getting high views. This is a good time to build a following! It’s a great reminder to your current following to remember you and to build a new following! 
  • Keep Practicing!
    1. Join in on some challenges or create your own challenge (if you do please tag us on IG)! Make some lash fans.
    2. Pick up your tweezers and practise your technique.
    3. Or even do an online refresher course to keep you motivated. 

Most of all BE KIND! To yourself and others. It truely is a hard time and there is no right or wrong way. Just get through each day as best you can, remember to breath and take time for YOU. 

#20 Unpopular Opinions


Because we all love unpopular opinions so much… here’s a short flash back from Kimberley Haworth (in her ever so glam attire) as she shares her opinion on the following topics;

  1. Retention/Longevity is 40% what we do, 60% what the client does at home / aftercare.
  2. People only having an ABN and thinking it’s enough to run a home beauty salon.
  3. Wiping excessive adhesive on the eye pads.
  4. Is pre-making volume fans yourself the same as when you would buy pre-made glues fans?
  5. Opinion on patch testing extensions.

What are you waiting for? Give it a view and sign in to leave us a comment… do you agree or disagree? 

Feel free to PM us with a topics you would love to see! 

#19 Unpopular Opinion – You should never do a treatment without selling aftercare…

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You should NEVER do a treatment without selling aftercare… EVER!

Ok… is this really an un-popular opinion? Well, yes we think it is. We hear of so many people struggling to sell retail. Clients not wanting to wash their lashes, they don’t want to buy this, being told their clients will use baby shampoo, blah blah blah… 

It is unacceptable to wash your eyes with baby shampoo! The baby shampoo companies came out and stated it is NOT formulated for the eye area. There are many out there that think, if it’s being used on babies surely it’s fine, right? WRONG!

If you look up the safety profile of this product www.ewg.org you will see that Fragrance gets a high hazard score of 8/10! Showing the follow results:

• Allergies/immunotoxicity (high)
• Endocrine disruption (moderate)
• Non-reproductive organ system toxicity (moderate)
• Ecotoxicology (low)
• Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs) (moderate)

Plus there are other ingredients besides perfume that can also cause reaction/immunotoxicity. So if you’re using baby shampoo… you might want to consider… not?!

Lash products are chemically formulated for the eyes to remove the things required (dust, debris and demadex that lives in our lashes) and also PH balance the lashes. 

This is not just for eyelash extensions, but also for lash lifts. We see so many complaints in the forums of clients coming back with super dry lashes. Lash lifting is essentially a perm, a debilitating product that break down the hair so we can then restructure the bonds of the hair into a beautiful curled lash. This process strips back all the nourishment, all the natural oils, all the good stuff in that hair to get the desired effect. Putting one keratin or other nourishing treatment at the end of a lash lift is NOT going to cut it. Your clients need to have a program at home to keep nourishing the lashes. 

Same with eyelash extensions, they need to have the right cleansers. It is absolutely crucial that you sell aftercare with your treatments. Don’t be too scared to sell products to your customers, explain what the products do and why they’re important! 

You can watch Kimberley Haworth’s video below.

If you have any unpopular opinions leave a comment below or PM us! 

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#18 Unpopular Opinion – Lash tinting with the stained eyeliner effect

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Are you tinting your clients lashes using the stained eyeliner effect? This is when you are taking the tint and leaving the residue of it on the skin. If so, you are doing it INCORRECTLY!! And running a HUGE risk of a reaction. 

If you think about it, your could argue the point… We dye hair and it touches the skin – yep, but it’s a different region of the body. A bit closer… we tint eyebrows and it touches the skin – yes ok. But we’re here to talk about the eye line. It is one of THE thinest skins, with a LOT of exposure to veins that are close to the surface of the skin and it is one of the easiest areas to react. If you thought eyelash extensions can cause a bad reaction… well let us tell you, a tint reaction blisters and swells! 

Watch Kimberley’s video below as she shares her opinion (apologies for the muddled text in some parts of the video).  If you are tinting incorrectly, best you brush up on your knowledge!! You do NOT want a tint reaction to happen to one of your clients!! 

#17 Finding Clients as a Lash Artist

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Here's some tips that will hopefully help you get new clients through your door!


Referrals can be clients and even models you have worked on, especially in your early days where you are starting to build up. Often models will have loved your work and will come back as a full paying client. So even though your model might not be paying full price, or may be even receiving a free set, they can still be used as a referral.

Don’t be afraid to ask them for their feedback and constantly use it and post it on your social media & website. Referrals are the greatest compliment and show potential clients that you are a reputable business. 

This will help build up your clientele who will then continue to support and refer your business to others.

LOTS of people post on social media looking for recommendations. If you establish a good clientele from just a few people, this can easily grow and expand. If they love your work, they will recommend you. This is like a never ending free marketing gold mine. Keep your current clients happy, create beautiful lashes that make your clients feel beautiful and more will follow! 

2. SEO:

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation. Which means when someone types ‘keywords’ into a web browser (eg. google) ‘eyelash extensions near me’, you should come up! If you have a website this is very important. We highly suggest you look at doing some work in this area or hiring a professional to do it for you. 


Facebook and Instagram are still at the forefront of social media. If you are on Instagram, please tell people where the heck you are located! We see this so often, looking at IG accounts and wondering are you in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne ?!? Which part…? PLEASE put down where you are based! 

Engage with people on your social media. Yes you can post lots of great pictures of your work. But you want to speak to your audience and engage your audience. You could post an amazing photo of a set you have just done saying ‘my latest work’, ok so how can you make this connect with your audience more? Talk to your audience about what your have done and why, talk about why your clients eye style suited dolly, cats-eye etc. Talk about how you achieved what look your client was after. Ask your audience questions – what styles do you like? What do you expect out of your retention? And so on. People need a reason to remember you!


Show your brand! Any chance you get. It could as simple as a logo on your t-shirt / work uniform etc.

Brand exposure can open the door to so many possibilities. You’re not only showing off your brand through repetition, but if you’re out and about people will see your logo. Some won’t care, others might be intrigued. You just never know where and when you will meet someone who will spark up a conversation and potentially lead them to becoming a long time client. 


Affiliating yourself with other businesses. For example your local cafe, pilates studio, anywhere there are potential clients. Just ask to drop off some business cards or information and in return do the same for that business. It’s the perfect you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours scenario.

Run a competition together and share your following on Instagram.

There are so many ways to get your name out there and to bring clients in the door. Sit down, write out a list of ways you could promote your business and be prepared to put in the hard work. While the first steps of getting new clients in the door might be a challenge, once you have theses clients you could have them for a very long time. Look after them, message them after their appointment to follow up. 

At Lash Vision our training comes with modules on branding and marketing your business. PLUS we have ongoing support, so if you need help you can reach out to us anytime! Our support is second to none. Whether you’re are just starting out or ready to take a refresher course, you are at the right place! 

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#16 Hygiene Horrors


Here it is… the dirty dirty truth about hygiene in our latest unpopular opinion – HYGIENE HORRORS!!!

This was recorded a few weeks ago (back in June in-between lock-downs)… so we’re all feeling the low of yet another one. But unpopular opinion is always a hit and we wanted to make sure it reached out followers who may have missed it on Instagram. 

While some of the hygiene nasties we discuss may be informative, the SHOCK value is somewhat satisfying. 

Don’t be a dirty bit@# – watch and learn where your failing when it comes to hygiene!

Lash strips should NOT be used on more than one client (it is VERY disgusting)! Let us explain why…

Imagine going into a salon that does waxing around mucus membranes, anywhere there is a secreting area – eyes, nose, mouth, underarms, Brazilian area and so on, there is BACTERIA!! So imagine if you went in to get a wax and they said “we are going to reuse the wax from the previous client” – soooo gross!!! Well, when you go get your eyelashes done and your technician uses the same lash strip, this is basically the same thing 🤢🤢🤢 This is how we spread things like conjunctivitis… 

Here’s another one… Loose lash pots – Did you know these are actually BANNED in our council (Maroondah)!!! Big issue here is double dipping – it is a HUGE bacterial mess – which Kimberley explains in her video. 

And what is with the hygiene we hear about tweezers? We do know hygiene levels taught about tweezers is much lower than what it actually needs and should to be. We constantly have students coming in for re-training or up-skill that are cleaning their tweezers with an alcohol wipe, or just put the tip of the tweezers into the disinfectant and don’t fully submerge it. There are still people who call it sanitisation instead of disinfecting. Just no. If you don’t know how to clean your tweezers and would like a demonstration… hit us up with a PM on instagram or email us. 

And finally, tweezer cases that have fabric in them are NOT hygienic. Dust particles build up inside the case and provide a perfect place for bacteria growth. So you may be up to standards in cleaning your tweezers, but if you have a fabric case… the bad news is, you’ve just wasted your time!

And this is why Kimberley created the hygienic tweezer case! The inside is made with a cleanable plastic insert, meaning your tweezers can be safety stored without the worry of nasties growing on them. No wonder these cases are so popular!

Do you want to know more nasty hygiene horrors that are hiding in your salon? Comment below, send us a PM or email us to feature in one of our upcoming segments!

Lash Vision Hygiene Tweezer Case

Introducing a tweezer case that meets safety standards! These tweezer cases are designed so that the inside is made from a cleanable plastic insert.

Tweezer cases commonly have fabric inside, which cannot be cleaned. This means your freshly disinfected tweezers are being put away in a case that is actually breeding bacteria!! Our cases are hygienic and can be wiped out so you have a thoroughly clean case. This allows your beautifully cleaned tweezers to be safety stored without the worry of nasties growing on them.


#15 Is glue bad for you?


The question we get asked often, is Eyelash extension glue bad for you? If so, how bad?

Like anything, over exposure to any chemical is bad. So ideally the answer is yes. But it is more complicated than that…

All glues are not the same, so depending on the quality, there can be so many additional chemicals that can be put into adhesives that can make them worse than some of the more refined glues.

Join Kimberley Haworth in her 5 minute glue education video session below! 


– Ultra Strong Hold
– Incredible Retention
– Fast Dry Time
– Easy to use
– Tested in every Australian state for proof retention and lash artist’s tick of approval
– Biodegradable outer packaging
– 100% Cruelty free, NOT tested on animals

This lash adhesive is among THE best on the market, it has incredible reviews and amazing retention results!


#14 A career as a lash artist

Eyelash extension training, master trainer, qualified, lash application, client, lash course, melbourne, brisbane, volume, classic, artist, technique, skills, pre made fans, upskill


Eyelash extension training, master trainer, qualified, lash application, client, lash course, melbourne, brisbane, volume, classic, artist, technique, skills, pre made fans, upskill
lash, vision, volume, application, jane

So you’re here because you’re thinking about a career as a Lash Artist. For many, lashing has become like second nature. They are very passionate about their job and love to make others feel and look great! It can certainly be a very rewarding and empowering career choice. Especially if you have a creative flare, love being around people and want to create some serious lash magic! 

Whether you are looking to become an independent lash artist (be it working from home or owning your own business) or an employee, the option to choose is there! Like most careers, there are pros & cons to having your own business vs working for someone else. 

Owning your own business gives you greater flexibility. However you need to keep in mind that there are set up costs, business registration (where applicable), insurance and other costs to consider. If you plan it all out and put in the hard work… it can mostly definitely be done and you can be very successful. 

Working for someone else does not give you the same flexibility. You will most likely be required to work late Thursday, Fridays and over the weekends. But then there are no start up fees or business legalities you have to worry about. Just show up, do a good job and get paid! Plus you will receive all employee benefits (sick days, annual leave, etc). 

You just need to figure out the path you want to take and make that first step! 

Research, good training and education is absolute key to success. PLUS a lot of eyelash application practise, practise, practise! 

Want to find out if you’ve got what it takes to run your own lash business? 

Take our quiz and be sure to pop you email in at the end for the emailed results and be automatically entered in the draw to WIN 1 of 3 $500 vouchers drawn throughout 2021!! 


eyelash extensions, business, illegal, illegally, insurance, covered, void

Are you paying insurance that wont actually cover you if something goes wrong?

Well let us tell you this… Insurance companies are NOT going to tell what you need to hear. 

YOU have to ask the questions to find out if you are adequately covered in your eyelash business. There are so many things to consider! As a Lash Artist you are working extremely close to the eye! Eyelash extensions, glue, tweezers… the list goes on! You need to consider health & hygiene and make sure you are covered for the basic and beyond! 

YOU have to ask the questions to know the loop holes and be aware if you are going to be covered if sh!t hits the fan. 

The only one who covers your own bum… is YOU! 

YOU are the one that needs to ask the questions, to get the answers and make sure that YOU are covered! 

We don’t want to scare you, or be negative… but educate and make sure you are AWARE. Make sure you have policies and procedures in place to protect YOURSELF

Did you know… if you are trading without an ABN or NOT registered with your council (where required) and are paying insurance… it is absolutely worthless! Your insurance is VOID!! You have to tick the boxes for insurance to cover you! 

So it is very important to make sure you tick ALL the boxes required from your insurance to ensure your butt is covered!! 

Not every state requires council registration, so make sure you check your area! But we want to help, protect and educate you… because we care 🥰

*this is general advice only please seek the appropriate legal advice prior to making changes in your business