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Lash Vision Eliminate - Lash Primer 15ml

Prepare for eyelash extensions with Lash Visions Eliminate Lash Primer. Designed to Eliminate oil, dust and small particles of debris to ensure a strong bond. This incredible product is workable with all adhesives.

– Cleanses the natural lashes
– Designed to eliminate oil, dust & debris
– Cleans for ultimate adhesion & strong bond
– Incredible results for oily clients & poor retention
– Easy to use
– Biodegradable outer packaging
– 100% Cruelty free, NOT tested on animals


In stock (can be backordered)


Instructions: After applying gel patches, place a tissue under the clients lashes. Apply 1 drop onto a crystal application wand per eye. Roll onto the ‘Glue Application Zone’ avoiding skin. Best used on oily clients.

Ingredients: Please list like this.Water (The Water), PVP (The Fixative), Polyacrylate (The Other Stabilser), Ethanol (The Clean), Fragrance (The Scent)


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