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Elementary Volume Lash

Introducing an intense 2 1/2 years in the making… Lash Visions signature lash line ELEMENTARY VOLUME LASH.

Every detail of our range has been carefully considered to ensure that you have the rudimental tool for seamless volume application with confidence in quality.


Key features:

  • Semi Sheen Black from base to tip
  • 16 rows per tray
  • Manufactured with the highest quality PBT – Soft, Flexible, Holds its curl
  • 2mm strip for optimal fanning
  • Each batch is tested for diameter and length consistency.
  • White Backing to make fanning easy to see
  • Easy peel backing to ensure minimal residue remains on lash tiles
  • Size printed on base of each row
  • Each lash tray has an curl, length, diameter label on both the front and bottom
  • Stunning case with lashes unattached so you can reuse the tray for pomades or after care kits
  • Tested to work perfectly with our visionary tweezers
  • Ticks all of LVA box’s for lashes

NOTE: Lash trays are hand made that means you may find minor flaws of imperfections. In any range of lashes you may find up to 10% discrepancy due to the nature of the manufacturing process.



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